Wide individual backgrounds for a committed team

Stéphane Avronsart worked at SNCF for 22 years, notably as Director of Quality and Lean management. While working on document quality and the development of digital tools, he discovered the profession of technical writer.

As he was aware of the significant added value that technical writing can bring to companies, he decided to set up his own company in September 2019.

Thanks to a team of technical writers and his expertise in railway, Axones Consulting operates in the following fields:

Railway consulting

Technical writing

Innovation and transformation

In addition to the railway field, Axones Consulting can also adapt to other fields thanks to the varied experience from its team of technical writers.

Finally, Axones Consulting can assist you remotely as well as on site.

The Team

Axones Consulting relies on the railway expertise of his founder Stéphane Avronsart and the expertise of the technical writers to carry out its projects.

Stéphane Avronsart

President and railway expert


#Railway expertise #Innovation #Quality #Lean6S

A long career entirely dedicated to the railway industry that revolves around 3 main periods.

He began his career at SNCF in 1997: he devoted the first ten years to the maintenance of signalling installations, track and catenary in the Paris St-Lazare area.

When he joined the Infrastructure Engineering Department in 2007, he held various positions as an expert in electric traction (catenary and EALE). He oversaw post-incident expertise, digital simulation tools and catenary measurement systems. He has also led innovation projects which have resulted in the filing of several patents…

In 2014, he left the world of technical expertise for the methodological expertise by becoming Quality and Operational Excellence Manager (Lean / Lean 6S).

This enabled him to design and deploy digital tools but also to innovate in working methods: one of these innovations was to entrust technical writers with the writing of maintenance and design procedures for the engineering department.

The latter experience (combined with his career in railway) inspired him to create Axones Consulting, a company specialized in railway consultancy and technical writing.

Ung-Mui Bo

Technical writer

#Railway #XML #Technical Writing

Ung-Mui Bo

Technical Writer

#Railway #XML #Technical Writing

Five years ago, she began a turn in her professional life that led her to technical writing. Since then, she has the opportunity to discover and work in fields as varied as telecom, medical imaging equipment and railways. From user manuals to installation guides, including maintenance prescriptions, operating procedures, teaching guides, procedures, and so many other forms of documentation, she has the chance to work alongside experts in the field to better understand the needs of the final user.

According to her, the greatest asset of this profession is undoubtedly its diversity.

She started at Axones Consulting in 2019.

Richard Moutoucarpin

Technical writer

#Technical Writing #XML  #Railway

Thanks to his various professional experiences, particularly in the hotel industry and the field of administrative management, Benjamin had the opportunity to diversify his knowledge over several years. This allowed himamong other things – to capitalize on knowledges, but also to grasp and manage the various subjects more efficiently, while bringing a new perspective to them.  

It was in 2017 that Benjamin decided to specialize, following a professional bachelor’s degree in technical writing at the University of Paris Diderot. After a very rewarding work-study year at Thales, he graduated in 2018.  

His first experience as a Technical Writer was in the rail industry, where he was able to write Tramways maintenance documentation, in particular via Arbortext (XML) software, intended for RATP maintenance technicians.  

Finally, Benjamin is very interested in the fields of 3D printing and has a civilian drone licence.  

He started at Axones Consulting in 2021.

Pauline Jehan

Technical writer

#Technical writing #Documentation #Railway

Pauline Jehan

Technical Writer

#Technical writing #Documentation #Railway

Pauline studied for 3 years in Belgium to become a speech therapist but on her return to France, it was finally towards documentation that she preferred to focus. She specialized in technical documentation before discovering technical writing.

She obtained her technical writing diploma in 2017. She did her internship at SNCF Mobilités where her mission was to write maintenance sheets on a MediaWiki type tool (WikiPAD).

Pauline then spent 9 months at Essilor Instrument as a consultant in charge of updating maintenance and user manuals.

Finally, Pauline met up with SNCF Mobilités again for a mission to write and update the ITM and visit sheets on Atelier Doc (XML tool).

She started at Axones Consulting in 2020.

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